Only 5 spots are left! • Only 5 spots are left! • Only 5 spots are left! • Only 5 spots are left! • Only 5 spots are left! • Only 5 spots are left! • Only 5 spots are left!
tart earning from 40 000 euros a year
Gain the No-code & Digital Marketing specialist skills
in 3 months
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Tech education in Germany
European diploma
Teamwork and practical tasks
Guaranteed employment assistance
Individual feedback from your professors
What does a No-code & Digital Marketing specialist do?
The course No-code & Digital Marketing teaches you how to create products without developers’ help and how to promote them on the Internet without hiring marketers and analysts.

You will master tools for website creation, advertising management and maintaining social networks.
A No-code & Digital Marketing specialist’s annual salary is around 45 000 euros.
Tech companies are looking for 13 000 No-code & Digital Marketing specialists right now.
The duration of the No-code & Digital Marketing course is 3 months.
No-code & Digital Marketing is…
Win over the tech  industry
Our students work in the largest German and American companies. You will be supported all the way from education to internship and employment.

Below are the companies where our graduates work:
The companies where our students work
Your new path starts here ...
A story
Point A
The very beginning of your path. You have a typical job that you don’t really enjoy.

There is no career growth.
1 month later
You are making a huge change in your life. Now you are becoming a sought-after tech specialist.

All right, keep it up!
6 months later
You’ve just finished your education and got your diploma. Congratulations, now you are a certified specialist!

You’ve met a lot of like-minded people and gained tech superpowers. Now your employment in Europe is guaranteed.

Welcome to the best life!
1 year later
You’ve taken a job in a European startup.

You work in a promising team of perspective specialists.

You develop the product and your skills together. You’re getting better every single day.
3 years later
You’ve grown to the Senior developer!

You earn about 60-70k euros a year and lead a team.

Who would have guessed?
Now people come to you for advice. You teach them.
4 years later, you launch your own business and earn about 120 000 euros a year. You fully control your life and work from any place in the world.

You’ve won. Furthermore, why not organize your own business?
Point B
What will you do during your education?
How the education program works
watch lectures in real time
study in English
solve practical tasks in a team
get a European diploma
meet like-minded people
earn points and spend them on various bonuses
(such as monitors, laptops, headphones, keyboards, computer mice, etc.)
build your first professional portfolio
communicate with your
career advisor and prepare for the interviews
communicate with professors and receive feedback
The course program
During education
Get career advice now
Learn from the best tech specialists
Meet our professors
Who you will learn from
Experience: 15 years
Andrey L.
Cloud Engineer at idealo, ex Cloud Architect at
Experience: 22 years
Sergey L.
Engineering Lead at Zalando SE, CTO at
Experience: 9 years
Vladimir E.
Front-end Developer at Siber systems Inc, React developer at 7TECH
Experience: 11 years
Albert N.
Java Software Engineer at Informatica, Director of the Development Department at CloudAlly
Experience: 10 years
Roman M.
Product Manager at Onefootball, Product Manager at Zalando SE
Experience: 18 years
Tatyana R.
Lecturer at the training center “Professional”, lecturer at SSAU
Experience: 29 years
Sergey I.
Java-Spring-SpringBoot, Software Developer at LightComp
This certificate is your new superpower!
A certificate
Starta Institute is licensed in Germany, and all of our programs are accredited by CERTURIA. Our graduates' certificates are valued by employers throughout Europe and beyond.
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Our students’ reviews
Testimonials from graduates
"Most teachers are experts in their fields. They present the material interestingly and fully answer the questions."
"I loved the calm pace of learning, friendly lecturers and solving tasks together with motivated students. You can always ask a question and they would be happy to answer."
"I balance studying and work, so I loved the opportunity to watch recorded lessons. I managed to catch up and revise all I missed."
"Teachers always supported me. I ask a lot of questions in order to learn the material completely. I had a lot of help and feedback, it is valuable."
"I liked the way teachers told the material. It was clear and proper. I think accurate and definite explanations are very important in education. There were no troubles with it."
Alina Marchenko
Maria Larina
Vladimir Denisov
Ruslan Ragimov
Alexandr Sorokin
The price of education
How much does it cost?
__________Each class has__10 subsidized spots__ in the program with __a 63% discount__ from the European tech Specialists Support Fund.
for those who doesn’t work and who is ready for intense studying
Day-time form of education
13:00-14:00 (once a week (CET))
09:30-12:45 (Mon. — Fri. (CET))
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A discount for 10 students at each stream from the European IT Specialists Support Fund
A one-off payment:
A discount for 10 students at each stream from the European IT Specialists Support Fund
Monthly payments, 3 months:
Get funding assistance
We will help you get government funding __covering 100% of the cost__ of your course if:
Other opportunities
You are unemployed now
You are registered in JOBCENTER and AGENTUR FÜR ARBEIT or you are planning to register
You have been living in Germany for about a year or more
A little about us
  • That’s why we put a lot of emphasis on practical assignments and help students build their first portfolio.

  • We are guaranteed to help you find an internship or a job after completing our course.
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Our story
____________Tel-Ran is an Israeli tech vocational school that has been operating __since 1993__ and has graduated thousands of professionals. In 2018 we’ve opened a German branch of the school, and in 2022 we’ve opened a Polish one. One of our main advantages is the adaptation of training programs to the needs of corporations. __More than 4 000 graduates__ of Tel-Ran have found jobs and built new careers.

We honor our educational traditions and train top-notch professionals throughout Europe!
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The largest IT school in Germany
International tech school Tel-Ran. Since 1993

Teaching IT professions and assisting with employment
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