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Our mission
Who are we and what is our goal?
____________________Our mission is to help develop the tech industry by empowering the next generation of leaders through education and practical skills
_________________________Our mission is to help develop the tech industry by empowering the next generation of leaders through education and practical skills
Students are studying with us now
We provide online education to students across the globe
of our graduates started their careers in tech or launched their own businesses
Faculties in New York and Berlin offer tech education with a global perspective
Who are our courses for?
We help students from different backgrounds — from drivers to managers in corporations — to build new careers or to launch their own companies. They all have one thing in common: a desire to change themselves and the world.

We kept this transformation at the forefront of our minds when building our programs’ curriculums. What was their life like before the program? How will they change after? How will our school help develop their skills and career? Surely, Starta Institute is a change for the better!
Our programs
We have 2 faculties to choose from
#01: software engineering faculty
We teach the skills every tech specialist needs from scratch. In just 3 or 9 months you can get a sought-after profession and land a job in America or Europe.
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Option №1
960 academic hours
Training period: 9 months
>50,000 open jobs
Salary starts from €45k per year
Learn how to create the front end of websites and applications.

You will design everything the user sees in front of them: website layout, menus, buttons, images.
Front-end Development
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Option №2
960 academic hours
Training period: 9 months
>80,000 open jobs
Salary starts from €55k per year
Learn how to create everything inside websites and applications.

You will lay the foundation of the website: what functions the site performs, how algorithms work on the inner layer and how the website databases are arranged.
Back-end Development
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Option №3
654 academic hours
Training period: 6 months
>60,000 open jobs
Salary starts from €55k per year
Learn to understand every development layer from back-end to manual testing. You will create everything users see, manage and link functional parts of the project, test applications and websites, work with databases and get acquainted with project management.
Full-stack Development
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Option №4
960 academic hours
Training period: 9 months
>40,000 open jobs
Salary starts from €40k per year
Learn to look for vulnerabilities within websites and applications.

You will be challenged to test and verify apps and websites — looking for bugs and improving the user experience.
#02: Management faculty
We provide students with the skills necessary to create products customers want and effectively launch and manage startups.
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Option №1
360 academic hours
Training period: 3 months
>30,000 open jobs
Salary starts from €45k per year
You will learn to understand what advertising campaigns consist of and how to build them yourself.

You will master products for creating websites, web applications, advertising management and social networking.
No-code & Digital Marketing
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Option №2
2-week bootcamp in New York
Training period: 5.5 months
3 cases by real US startups
Community of 300+ founders
This program is for experienced professionals who want to get a startup idea off the ground or land a job in an international startup.

You will learn how startups work from the inside out by working side by side with successful founders.
Master of Startup Administration
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Option №3
2 challenges by startup CTOs
Training period: 3 months
Community of 300+ startup execs
2 Talent fairs with startups
You will learn how to manage startups and teams in the international market based on real-world challenges from startup founders.

You will earn founders’ hard-won insights and avoid common CTO pitfalls when starting and scaling a venture.
CTO Level Up
Tech co-founder
People Management
Reasons to choose us
Why Starta institute
Our Engineering school, established in 1993, has proven to be one of the leaders of tech education in the European market. Our curriculums were created in cooperation with major IT & tech companies. Our professors are practicing developers, top managers and opinion leaders.
Experience in education
Our educational programs combine live lectures with minimal recorded video content emphasizing community support and networking opportunities. Some programs also include an in-person module at our New York or Berlin campus.
Hybrid Program
Our goal is to empower you to transform your career and life. Our career center offers internships in Germany and the US, as well as assistance with job placement and interview prep at our over 300 partner startups and corporations.

Additionally, our own New York business accelerator and partner venture funds provide support for aspiring entrepreneurs.
Employment and support
Feedback from our students
Student reviews
Anton Lobinstev
Founder of Bebop Brands US, a restaurant franchise, and tech co-founder at IpSign, a web3 copyright protection startup
#Review about Management Faculty
At the Master of Startup Administration program, I launched a Web3 startup. It bridges real-world and web3 by offering fully automated copyright protection for digital assets. We have already tested the product for 78,000 avatars...
Vladimir Denisov
Graduate student at Tel-Ran International, currently tech specialist at a German bank, former shop-assistant
#Review about Software Engineering Faculty
Most of the school's teachers are experts in their field, present the material in an interesting way, and answer related questions in full.
Konstantin Gamarnik
Founder of Aquajoy, serial entrepreneur with 15 years of experience
#Review about Management Faculty
I have extensive entrepreneurial experience, but before the program, I was totally unfamiliar with the world of venture capital. I thought that money loves silence and that any investors would be intruding into my business...
Ruslan Ragimov
Graduate student at Tel-Ran International, currently Frontend Developer at a Start-up project, former electrician
#Review about Software Engineering Faculty
I liked the relaxed pace of learning. Friendly instructors and very motivated students with whom we solved problems together. It's also very cool that at any moment you can ask a question and you're happy to get an answer.
Oleg Maliy
Founder of GARD, a next-gen bank for gamers, CBDO at
#Review about Management Faculty
After joining the Master of Startup Administration program, I founded GARD, a next-gen bank for gamers. I applied to the program with two goals in mind: get more expertise for my projects by solving real-life startup cases...
Alexander Sorokin
Current student at Tel-Ran International, former civil engineer
#Review about Software Engineering Faculty
I don't have a lot of time — I'm combining work and study, so I like that the course has an opportunity to watch lessons in the format of saved video recordings. I am able to catch up and review the missed material.
Ivan Lunegov
Operations Director at OLIMP Invest, startup mentor, 10 years in business consulting
#Review about Management Faculty
Before the program, I used to be pretty disconnected from people building startups. So I enrolled in the MSA program to gain a competitive edge in venture capital and join a community of like-minded people.
Alina Marchenko
Graduate student at Tel-Ran International, currently Backend Developer at Zalando SE, former architect
#Review about Software Engineering Faculty
Teachers were going out of their way to help me the whole time. I like to ask a lot of questions to learn exactly what I'm learning. They kept coming back to me with feedback and help — I really appreciate it.
Vladimir Esaulov
СTO at Katalyst, a restaurant management software company
#Review about Management Faculty
As a tech guy, I joined the program to supercharge my entrepreneurship skills and network. In the span of the program, I have already sorted out my existing knowledge and experience...
Maria Larina
Graduate student at Tel-Ran International, currently Frontend Developer at Exness, former designer
#Review about Software Engineering Faculty
I liked the way the teachers presented the material. Everything is of high quality and clear. It seems that a very important criterion in training is to be able to explain clearly and concisely. I didn't have any problems with that.
Our professors, deans, and teachers are seasoned professionals with a wealth of hands-on experience. Our program ensures that you receive the most up-to-date knowledge and skills, learn through teamwork, and master modern management techniques to succeed in the tech industry.
Ricardo Taveras, USA
Sales and marketing coach, Master of Startup Administration program
Alex Reingand, Finland
Java teacher, Back-end development program
Lisa Patti, USA
Comminications Coach, Master of Startup Administration program
Andrew Liaskowsky, Germany
DevOps and cloud architect teacher, All engineering programs
Hayk Inants, Armenia
Front-end teacher, All engineering programs
Marvin Liao, USA
Investor relations coach, Master of Startup Administration program
Irene Backer, Germany
Automation testing teacher, QA testing engineer program
... and more than 200 EXPERTS
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