Become a QA engineer in 9 months
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Start earning an average salary of €55,000 (or $60,000/£48,000) a year
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Become a QA engineer in 9 months
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Who is a QA engineer?
A QA engineer is…
A QA engineer assesses whether a website or an application works properly.

Does it function correctly? Are there any errors within the website? How effectively does an application work? How can we improve the software?

A QA engineer faces all of these challenges.
The salary of a middle QA engineer is around €55,000 ($60,000/£48,000) a year
IT companies are looking for 13,000 QA engineers right now
The QA engineer course takes 9 months
About us
About us
  • We accompany you at all stages of your new career: from training to internship to employment.

  • Graduates work for international IT companies and earn an average of €75,000 ($80,000/£65,000) per year.
____________Starta Institute teachers are — the stars of the IT industry. They teach according to the school's proven methods and give prompt feedback.
____________Our graduates receive European certificates, which are highly valued by employers all over the world. This diploma will set you apart from other candidates who have completed «accelerated online courses in IT».

____________There are no «recorded lectures» at school — only live online lessons and teamwork on real projects. For 960 hours of study, you will receive a fundamental applied education with today's best practices.
Your new path starts here ...
A story
After 4 years, you manage an entire IT company remotely and earn about €110,000 ($102,000/£96,000) a year. Your life has really changed. You should be proud!

And that's not all. The next step may even be to open your own business, where your income can be limitless.
Point B
As a Starta Institute student, you gradually immerse yourself in QA engineering under the strict guidance of our teachers and curators.
After 1 month
You have just graduated and received a diploma. Congratulations! You are now a certified specialist.

Together, with other enthusiastic students, you've learned how to improve the user experience, finding bugs and vulnerabilities in projects.
After 9 months
You are responsible for product testing in an international company.

Together, with experienced and active colleagues, you develop the project and continue to improve your skills.
After 1 year
You have grown to become a Senior Specialist, earning about €90,000 ($97,000/£78,000) a year and managing your own team.

Now, you're teaching others the subtleties of QA engineering yourself.
After 3 years
The beginning of your journey. You've realized that there were no prospects for growth in your current work and decided to make a career shift to IT.
Point A
Get free advice and learn more
How we educate
How we educate
Introduction to the industry and its core professions, with an opportunity to choose your own
A ready-made portfolio, CV, and preparation for interviews in your desired profession
Instruction in English with the opportunity to improve your level of English
Online live lectures of the most prestigous professors, giving you every opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback on any topic that confuses you
In-depth immersion in the profession you choose — 960 hours of the best up-to-date practices
An opportunity to earn points for helping others and spend them on attractive bonuses in our IT Shop
A European state certificate
The course program
During education
Get career advice now
Learn from the best IT-specialists
Meet our professors
Who you will learn from
Vladimir K.
Experience: 10 years
Group Lead QA at Tinkoff Bank
Andrey L.
Experience: 15 years
Cloud Engineer at idealo, ex Cloud Architect at
Stanislav Y.
Experience: 6 years
QA Engineer at InDrive
Sergey L.
Experience: 22 years
Engineering Lead at Zalando SE, CTO at
This certificate is your new superpower!
A certificate
Starta Institute is licensed in Germany, and all of our programs are accredited by CERTURIA. Our graduates' certificates are valued by employers throughout Europe and beyond.
Get career counseling
Success Stories
Our students’ reviews
«Before my current role, I worked as an estimating engineer. My background is in construction. I wanted a change in my career, so I enrolled in the back-end development course. I chose Starta Institute because it's the only IT school that teaches this kind of technology in Berlin. What I liked about the classes was that the instructors were responsive and gave very structured information. Also, it was great that we studied for 9 months at a relaxed pace, which helped us to better absorb knowledge and avoid messing up our heads. I got a job a month before the course ended and increased my income by 30%».
Ella Morash
«I'm a musician by trade and I'm unsettled by nature. I thought that my liberal arts knowledge was not enough to work in IT and that I would soon get tired of sitting in front of a screen. It turned out to be quite the opposite — when I began to write my own program, improve it, and alter some parts of the code, I liked it. At times I didn't want to sleep, I just wanted to write code! A pleasant bonus is that now I get paid many times more than I could have imagined, even when I enrolled in the program. The quality of life has increased manifold, thanks to Starta Institute».
Victor Sabadosh
«My previous work did not meet my expectations and I decided to change my profession. I decided to move to the IT sphere and took the "Front-end-developer" course at Starta Institute. I was successfully employed within a couple of months after the training. Now I work as a Junior Front-End Web Developer and finally get satisfaction and decent pay for what I do».
Vitaliy Makarenko
«Before the course, I was a hockey player. I got injured and my career ended there. Later, I found Starta Institute and decided to take a course. At first, I mastered the basic skills of front-end and back-end, Java, Spring, etc. After I finished the course, I continued working on my final project for another month, learning new features. The career department helped me with the job search and resume. I had 4 interviews and received 2 job offers. Now I work for an IT company, which helped me with the relocation».
Vladislav Gavrus
«I got tired of my old job and thought about a career change. That's how the idea of shifting to QA engineering came about. I got all the necessary knowledge and experience during the training to get to work. The school also helped me write my resume and held a mock job interview in English and Russian. I received support from the school's management and teachers until I found my job. Now I am working at Weavr as a QA Engineer and I can confidently say that my knowledge from the "Back-end developer" course came in handy in my work».
Elena Sabitova
A cost of the education
How much does it cost?
__________Each stream has __10 subsidized seats at a discount of up to 60%__ from the IT Specialists Support Fund.
__________Each stream has 10 subsidized seats at a discount of up to 60%__ from the IT Specialists Support Fund.
Daytime Courses
Evening Courses
for those who are currently unemployed and ready for intense studying
for those who are currently employed and looking to balance both work and study
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Leave an application
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13:00-14:30 (Sat. (CET))
A one-off payment:
A discount for 10 students at each stream from the European IT Specialists Support Fund
Monthly payments, 9 months:
A one-off payment:
Monthly payments, 9 months:
A discount for 10 students at each stream from the European IT Specialists Support Fund
A discount for 10 students at each stream from the European IT Specialists Support Fund
A discount for 10 students at each stream from the European IT Specialists Support Fund
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Other opportunities
We will help you get government funding covering 100% of the cost of your course if:
You are living in Germany
You are currently unemployed
You are registered in JOBCENTER and AGENTUR FÜR ARBEIT or you are planning to register
You have an undergraduate or graduate academic degree
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