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Learn how to set up PPC and targeted advertising at an advanced level and start earning an average of €70,000 (or $75,000/£61,000) per year
100% financing of education in Germany
What does a Digital Marketer do?
A Digital Marketer helps companies grow, attract new customers and retain existing ones.

For example:

  • Researches the company's products, their target audience and customer needs

  • Develops strategies and selects promotion channels such as SEO, SEM, PPC, social media, email marketing and others

  • Manages the launch of campaigns and evaluates the results based on data
A mid-level Digital Marketer’s annual salary is around €70,000 (or $75,000/£61,000)
International Tech companies are looking for 63,084 Digital Marketers right now
The Digital Marketer Course takes 7 months
Digital Marketing Manager is…
About us
About us
  • We accompany you at all stages of your new career: from training to internship to employment.

  • Graduates work in international tech companies and earn an average of €70,000 (или $75,000/£61,000) per year.
____________Our graduates receive European certificates, which are highly valued by employers all over the world. This document will set you apart from other candidates who have completed «accelerated online courses».

____________There are no «recorded lectures» at school — only live online lessons and teamwork on real projects. For 7 months of study, you will receive a fundamental applied education with today's best practices.
____________Starta Institute teachers are the stars of the tech industry. They teach according to the school's proven methods and give prompt feedback.
Your new path starts here ...
A story
Point A
You realize that you want a position that pays well, provides autonomy and challenges you to grow. You make the decision to become a tech professional.
1 month later
As a Starta Institute student, you gradually immerse yourself in a new field under the guidance of our instructors and mentors.
7 months later
You have just graduated and received a diploma. Congratulations! You are now a Junior Digital Marketer. Your skills are in high demand in the international job market — all you need to do now is choose the right companies that match your goals.
1 year later
You now have a job in an international company. You are a part of a team that both challenges you and you can contribute to.
3 years later
You have become a Senior Digital Marketer, earning €100,000 ($110,000/£87,000) per year and managing your own team.

Now, you are mentoring others — they ask you for career advice.
After 4 years, you are managing an entire IT company remotely and earn €140,000 ($150,000/£121,000) per year. Your life has transformed significantly. You should be proud!

And that’s not all. The next step may be to start your own business, where you could earn even more.
Point B
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What will you do during your education?
How the education program works
Environment like in a marketing agency — so that you adapt to work faster after training
Work on projects with real companies, portfolio building and assistance with resume preparation and interviewing
Training in Russian with a european certificate
Live, online lectures from the most prestigious professors, giving you ample opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback about topics that you have difficulty with
In-depth knowledge of Facebook and Google Ads
An opportunity to earn points for helping others and spend them on attractive bonuses in our IT shop
Program results
Program results
You will go through all stages of product promotion on the market, create 5 websites, set up Google and Facebook Ads, and analyze the results of your campaigns.
You will learn how to work with the main digital channels to promote products and services.
You will turn your practical work on the course into a convincing portfolio and resume.
You will be able to apply for a position of a PPC-specialist in an advertising agency immediately after graduating this program.
You will understand where to look for work and how to present yourself as an expert.
You will learn how to solve typical communication problems faced by digital agency marketers.
The course program
During education
You will learn in Russian and only what will definitely come in handy in your work.
Get career advice now
Portfolio, to help you stand out in the competitive job market
We'll help you create a strong portfolio for employers with practical course assignments.
Let us help you stand out.

  • Created an effective social media strategy and a detailed media plan for a US tech startup, resulting in a 10% increase in website traffic and a 20% increase in social media followers.

  • Designed an innovative trigger email chain, increasing email open rate by 25% and customer retention by 20% on the 7th day.

  • Decreased CAC by 10% for a tech startup with a new branding proposition, a marketing strategy, and advertisement tactics by analyzing top brand case studies and collaborating with the founding team
__________Sophie Werner,
__________Digital Marketer / PPC Speacialist
________Sophie Werner,
________Digital Marketer / PPC Speacialist
Salary: starting at €3,800 ($4100/£3300) per month
Get career advice now
Learn from the best tech and marketing specialists
Who you will learn from
Meet our instructors
Natalya N.
Experience: 20 years
Business Development Director at cosmetics marketplace, Member of CIM — The Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK
Sergey G.
Experience: 5 years
Certified PPC Expert, Team Lead. Since 2018 he has been working with Google & Amazon advertising. Builds and trains teams of PPC specialists. Develops projects in the markets of Europe, USA, and Canada.
Grigory Ch.
Experience: 11 years
Strategic consultant at leading international IT consulting company 24TTL, product leader of 24ORM service. He has worked with Leroy Merlin, LG, Philips, Miele, P&G, Lego, Abbott, BWT, and others.
Sonia Sh.
Experience: 27 years
Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of BRAVE RED Market Intelligence agency. She has worked with major international brands: Unilever, PepsiCo, Ford, Suzuki, Bayer, Pfizer, and others.
Anatoly G.
Experience: 9 years
Co-founder of Smart-Curators, production director at Garan Agency (USA), and a practicing digital marketer. Worked with Snickers, Leroy Merlin, Burger King, and other major brands.
This certificate is your new superpower!
A certificate
Starta Institute is licensed in Germany, and all of our programs are accredited by CERTURIA. Our graduates' certificates are valued by employers throughout Europe and beyond.
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Our students’ reviews
Students’ reviews
«The course was very useful to me because it gave me practical knowledge and skills that I can apply in my work. Although it's impossible to learn everything in such a short time, the course gave me a great foundation on which I can build in the future. I really liked that it was easy to combine training with work. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to pump up their marketing and No-code skills. Thank you!»
Andrey Karaschuk
«As a self-taught person, the program helped me structure my existing knowledge and gain valuable new skills. On the program, I learned how to set up targeted ads, which is very valuable, because I had a hard time figuring it out on my own. This skill has already paid for my training! The course was a great investment in my professional development, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their marketing skills.»
Ekaterina Egorova
«During the course, we covered different types of marketing tools and figured out when it's appropriate to use each one. I really liked the classes on Facebook ads, they were a breeze. But the courses on PPC and YouTube advertising were the most beneficial to me. Personally, I got everything I needed thanks to this course: all the necessary information about the types of ads that I needed to develop my business from anywhere in the world. I consider my goals accomplished!»
Dmitriy Marchenko
«This course exceeded all my expectations! The teaching staff was above all praise, and the curriculum was clear and detailed. The interview preparation block was very useful to me, as this is one of my sore points. I learned how to write a resume and cover letter, how to fill out a LinkedIn profile, and how to answer questions during an interview. Also, I got an extra push to work on an old project of mine, which makes me very happy!»
«This training gave me the courage to pursue a career in digital marketing! The lectures were informative, led by cool practitioner instructors.The career center has been a very valuable resource for me. Antonina on their team helped me get an internship. Now I do social media marketing, create texts for stories and posts, and develop creative concepts. My new goal is to create a strong marketing portfolio, and the program gave me all the skills and confidence to do this. Thank you, Starta Institute!»
Yuliya Muzykina
A cost of the education
How much does it cost?
__________Each stream has __10 subsidized seats at a discount of up to 60%__ from the IT Specialists Support Fund.
__________Each stream has 10 subsidized seats at a discount of up to 60%__ from the IT Specialists Support Fund.
Daytime form of education
for those who are currently unemployed and ready for intense studying
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09:30-12:30 (5 days a week (CET))
13:00-14:30 (Sat. (CET))
A one-off payment:
Monthly payments, 7 months:
A discount for 10 students per cycle from Tech Specialists Support Fund
A discount for 10 students per cycle from Tech Specialists Support Fund
Get funding assistance in Germany
Other opportunities
We will help you get government funding __covering 100% of the cost__ of your course if:
You are living in Germany
You are currently unemployed
You are registered in JOBCENTER and AGENTUR FÜR ARBEIT or you are planning to register
You have an undergraduate or graduate academic degree
If you this criteria fits you, please take this short test. We will assess your chances.
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