*Tel-Ran.de has become part of the international Starta Institute, headquartered in New York. Now people from the United States, Great Britain, France, and other countries are studying together with our German students.

We change people's lives around the world by training them in promising IT professions. By choosing to study at the Starta Institute, our students discover more opportunities: remote work at the best companies, traveling around the world, high income and, most importantly, time for what really matters.

Every year we graduate thousands of qualified IT-specialists and help them get a job in international companies. What's our key to success? We are constantly updating and upgrading our programs, using the latest IT-technology and following the format of the training thoroughly.

We help students go from zero to a new profession, using different tools to maximize engagement:
- Our own learning platform;
- Teachers - programmers from international IT companies;
- Fundamental knowledge - 960 hours of practice and live lectures;
- Gifts for mentoring other students.

We believe that everyone can learn an in-demand profession and work on the international market regardless of gender, age, or background. That's why the doors of our school are open to everyone!

As an AZAV-certified educational institute, we offer the job market in accordance with license code 1 (Coaching) and code 4 (Advanced Placement Course).

The career success of our students is our primary motivation and an important indicator of the quality of our programs. We are proud of our 30 years of experience and the number of successful graduates who have already started a career in a stable and well-paying field. We look forward to seeing you among those who have succeeded in mastering IT!
International tech school in Europe, England and the USA
Teaching IT specialites and assisting in the employment of our students
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*Tel-Ran.de has become part of the Starta Institute, an international startup institute headquartered in New York